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French Collection
The French antique books are truly exquisite, with stunning craftsmanship and beautiful leather. These vintage books are a real pleasure to look at and even if one does not read French, they are a pleasure to glance through as they contain pictures that are just lovely. They each are a small work of art and will grace any bookshelf, coffee table or nightstand. They are available in limited numbers.
German Collection
The leather-bound German Books are a mix of older books and more modern books. The older books can range from 1800 to the 1940ā€™s, where the design is more detailed and antique in nature. Some of the modern books can look very similar to our Jewel Tone books, smooth leather, less detailed, modern binding. These antique books have a look of strong beauty to them and will be a great accent in any decorating scheme. They are available in limited numbers.
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