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Handpicked Collection

Handpicked Collection

NOTE Price is per book. If you are purchasing for length: 9 books to a foot and 27 books to a yard.

All pictures are representative of the style and quality of our books. You will not receive identical of those in the photos. Photo's of the exact book(s) are available before purchase, upon request.

These antique books are handpicked for their beauty and craftsmanship. They are highly detailed with gilt (gold) with beautiful images such as flowers, animals, people, cherubs and intricate patterns, embossed on wonderful leather, the workmanship is exquisite and rarely seen in today's mass produced books. Our vintage Hand Picked books are truly a small work of art. They will grace any home with their beauty for years to come. While some may be from the early 1800’s, others may be from as late as the 1950’s. They are exclusively in the Danish language and are available in limited numbers.

DISCOUNTS TO THE TRADE. Please call or email for pricing.