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The modern office is full of books, technical manuals, journals, and other printed texts. Modern publishing designers create books covers that “pop” off the page of a digital book retailer’s website. In the real world, this can make for an office that feels overly vibrant like a preschool classroom rather than a prestigious place of business or meditative environment for making important business choices. Book Decor recommends shelves with concealed cabinets to hide the publications your office needs on site but can be eyesores. Book Decor’s collection of European vintage books can then be displayed on the visible shelves to offer the appropriate office environment without the clutter and lack of uniformity of appearance.

The modern office finds itself in a liminal period. As the world moves faster and faster towards digital texts read via computer screens, office decorators also find themselves on the precipice of what the new office will look like. The one thing everyone can agree upon is that one’s public or home office is where we make our important decisions and think about the important next steps for our businesses and families. In this space, beauty matters. It is important one feels a sense of comfort and serenity in the office space. The tranquillity and beauty of our carefully selected Designer Mix of vintage decorative books, adorning the shelves of your office is going to put one and their mind at ease allowing for clear and concise thought. Th space where we spend most of our lives working should be beautiful and Book Decor offers the solutions to make your office as comfortable as the boudoir.

For office spaces where one on one meetings are conducted, vintage European books from Book Decor can be used as tasteful accent pieces as well. A book or two on a shelve can offer a touch of class. A small stack of vintage books from the Unusual Colors Collection on the edge of a large desk can beautify an empty space and give the room some spirit and a sense of timelessness.

We dress appropriately according to our professions. At Book Decor we believe dressing and presenting the office is just as important as how we present ourselves to people who visit our office spaces. We also believe the office is where we spend and conduct our lives daily and that space should be beautified to the fullest extent.

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