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Designer Mix
Designer Mix is an older antique book, manufactured between 1800 and 1940’s, and is a bit smaller than its counterpart in the Jewel Tones. They are exclusively in the Danish Language. Designer Mix comes in all the blonde tones such as honey, wheat, and fawn. These vintage books come in a variety of muted standard colors such as blue, green, and red. Because of the books age, the color is softer and more delicate. A Designer Mix book also has more details such as raised spines and gilding. They will very often have beautiful illustrations inside.
Jewel Tone
The antique Jewel Tone books come in many colors and in a wide variety of size. They are exclusively in the Danish language. It is a more recent book, manufactured between 1900 and 1970, and can be used to fill large amounts of shelf space. With their minimal detailing and smooth leather, these books function well in both contemporary and modern décor. We carry these vintage books in red, brown, blue, green and black tones.
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