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Bookshelf Decorating Ideas

When perusing bookshelf decorating ideas, vintage leatherbound European books can be just the touch of class and sophistication needed to beautify your space. While wall-to-wall vintage books can make for a rather beautiful metaphorical canvas in a room that allows the book’s beauty to be the paint, oftentimes in spaces such as living rooms there are decorative items such as statues, collectibles, and photos one may wish to display to give the room personality or to celebrate cherished memories.

Sometimes wicker or woven baskets can look inviting on lower shelf space and allow one to hide eyesore items best kept unseen like television peripherals and texts. With those items hidden behind the casings of the baskets, a few accent books can fill the open space that remains or a Designer Mix of books be staged in such a particular way as to appear haphazardly placed, yet charming. The raised spines and additional details make these books alluring to the eye in such settings.

Color coordinating items with the palette of vintage European book collection can also lead to a visually striking bookshelf. Vases of a more rustic quality can be made more ornate by adding an assembly of bright and colorful Jewel Tone books. The adobe color of the vase and the deep blue of a Jewel Tone book produced in the 1900s can offer the harmony one’s bookshelf aspires to. Such vibrant clashing juxtapositions can liven up on a space and break the monotony of uniformity.

While some modern homes may have Blu-ray, record, and CD collections on the shelves, this can make a room look like a Jackson Pollock painting gone wrong. Organizing the media by genre, artist, or spine color can help one reduce some of the visual clutter. This is where the uniformity Book Decor’s Handpicked Collection could be used as dividers to give the shelf a sense of rhythm and rhyme. Stagnating the books and the carefully picking the right colors can beautify the bookshelf that has more than just books on it.

While these are just a few ideas, visit our Collections Gallery and see what types of vintage European styles Book Decor can help you beautify your bookshelf space with!