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Satisfaction Guarantee

Order with confidence.


We know it can be hard to order antiques sight-unseen.  If for any reason the books you receive do not meet your expectations, we will replace them or give you a refund on the following terms and conditions:

Call or e-mail us in advance of any return to notify us that you will be returning books.  Let us know how many books you are returning and whether you would like a replacement, credit towards a future order or a refund.  We will provide you with the address where you should ship the books. 

Pack the books securely for the return shipment.  The heaviest and largest books should be packed on the bottom.  Alternate the spines so they are even.  If there is any space between the books,  fill it with tissue or packing peanuts.  Never use newspaper.

Ship the books to Book Decor using the shipping address you received from us when you notified us of the return.  You are responsible for the cost of the return shipment.  Books must be placed with the delivery service within 1 week of receipt in order to be eligible for the satisfaction guarantee.

When we receive the books, we will notify you.  We will provide replacement, credit or refund for all books returned to us in a re-sellable condition.  In the case of a refund or credit, we will refund or credit the amount you originally paid for the books, not including shipping and handling charges.  In the case of replacement, we will ship replacement books to you and you will only be charged for the shipping and handling associated with the replacement books.