Bedroom Decorating Ideas with Antique Leather Bound Books

Whether you live in a suburb, a big city apartment, or just cherish that vintage home appeal, Book Decor has decorating ideas that can elevate the comfort level of the most private home space; your bedroom. Living in modernity with cell phones, the internet, and televisions can make it difficult to wind down at bedtime. Submerging oneself amongst beautiful vintage European books can act to delineate one’s personal space and one’s mind between active places in the home and inactive, relaxing, and tranquil spaces to ensure a rejuvenating night’s sleep.

Alcove or Wall Niche

One bedroom decor idea is to populate a vacant space such as an alcove or wall niche with a bedroom theme dictated by books one feels are the most comforting. Some prefer books from Book Decor’s Unusual Colors Collection to add some brightness and color to the room. Others find the winding patterns of decorative gilt on the Handpicked Collection to be relaxing to the eye.

Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Shelves lined with beautiful books can often be enough to stylize the bedroom. Styling your bedside table with a beautiful European book can add just the right amount of sophistication and class to the room. Instead of adorning your beside with a decorative artifact, one could add a small collection of stacked books to build a tower or stand for presenting a beloved heirloom, one’s eyeglasses, or even an alarm clock. Sometimes a chest at the foot of the bed can be a stylish storage option. A few well placed books atop a bed-foot ottoman can offer a sense of wonderment to the presentation of your bed space.  

When it comes to bedroom design with Book Decor’s collections of antique texts, the possibilities really are endless. Hopefully while perusing this piece, your mind was filled with room interior ideas of your own that suit your style and master bedroom decorating idea needs. Let Book Decor handle your room decor and examine our various collections!